Welcome To The Family CFO Process

What are Your Myths About Money?

You are the owner of your financial life. Epstein Financial Services acts as your financial coach. We help determine the financial strategy that will make you successful by creating a team to carry out your personal CFO strategy. We then help determine what players are needed to carry out the strategy. The players are your attorney, CPA, money managers, insurance carriers and other advisors who will carry out the coach’s strategy that will impact your successful financial planning.

Under One Roof

Imagine Coordinating All Your Financial Affairs Under One Roof

You worked hard to accumulate your wealth. We created The Family CFO® Process to create greater simplicity, focus and balance in your financial affairs so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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The Family CFO Process

The Exploratory Discussion

Financial Goals

A “get acquainted: session where we learn about you, your goals, priorities and concerns, and you learn about us, our core competencies and the scope of our services.

The Discovery Session

An intensive fact-finding session where we become intimately familiar with your current financial situation and help you lay the groundwork for developing your financial game plan.

The Wealthcare Simulator

Crystal Ball

Detailed financial planning projections that provide you with "The Crystal Ball Experience®" for your financial future. Using our unlimited "what if" simulator, we help you analyze how alternative cash flow, tax, and investment strategies will impact your standard of living.

The Strategy Session

Goal setting to prioritize your short and long-term goals and development of the action steps necessary to put your financial game plan in motion.

The Family CFO® Solution

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We assist you in implementing all of your financial decisions, including your estate analysis, managing your investments, minimizing taxes, resolving insurance issues, and securing your retirement.

The Wealth Management System

A wealth management tool that helps you track your financial progress and provides a mechanism for ensuring that the various aspects of your financial life are reviewed on a regular basis.

What sets Epstein Financial Services apart from other financial advisors is the comprehensive nature of what we accomplish as your family’s CFO.

The Coaches and Players

Emphasis on Advice vs. Implementation



Practice Type


Wealth Manager


"The Coach"


The Family CFO®

A more sophisticated level of financial planner who includes complex issues such as stock option planning, charitable giving, trust and estate planning, executive planning, etc.

Financial Planner
"Minor League Coach"

Develops a financial plan that focuses on basic retirement planning, insurance needs and general asset allocation strategies.

Money Manager

Typically a sole practitioner who manages client assets.

Insurance Broker/Stock Broker

Retail salesperson who takes orders from consumers to fulfill specific financial product needs.

To get started, download your Family CFO Starter Kit. Schedule your FREE exploratory discussion now at 413-539-2374.