Learn The 9 Paychecks for Life Principles

As a 401(k) plan sponsor you are offering an essential benefit to your employees. A 401(k) retirement plan is more than a simple savings plan. It allows you and your participants to save a portion of your pre-tax income, paying taxes only upon withdrawal. Your 401(k) offers incredible benefits to those who understand how to make the most of their plan by following the "9 Paychecks for Life Principles." Plan sponsors and their employees can turn their 401(k) retirement plan into their very own paycheck manufacturing company and create a Paycheck for Life……

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Principle #1 - Act Like an Entrepreneur

In Principle #1 you’ll learn how your 401(k) is your Paycheck Manufacturing Company and you’re the boss. By hiring the maximum number of employees (the dollars that go into your 401(k)), you’ll generate the savings you need to create Paychecks for Life.

Principle #2 - Determine Your Desirement Mortgage®

What is it going to cost to pay for the things you desire to do "some day"? Principle #2 shows you how to calculate how much you’ll need for the retirement you have in mind. Click here to use the calculator >

Principle #3 - Use Other People’s Money to Capitalize Your Business

It takes money to make money. Principle #3 shows you how easy it is to get it from other people – like your employer and Uncle Sam. The effects on your Paycheck Manufacturing Company are more than profound – they compound!

Principles 4-9

There are 6 more, critical principles you must follow in order to turn your 401(k) into a Paycheck Manufacturing Company that will generate your Paychecks for Life. To learn all 9 Principles see my Free "Paychecks for Life" book offer.