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The Desirement Deck of Cards

Deal yourself in to the life you desire! It's time to discover your myths about your money, your desirement dreams, and your priorities now.


The Family CFO®

Our abundant mindset and unique process has always been what sets us apart from other advisory firms. No matter what cards you’re holding, you can play them right-and build the financial future you desire.


The Exploratory Discussion

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Our complimentary "get acquainted" session, where we learn about your needs, concerns, frustrations, as well as your goals



The Discovery Session

What if you were able to achieve your biggest dreams and aspirations?

Starting to lay the groundwork for developing the tools you need to achieve what you desire



The Wealthcare Simulator

When you wish upon a star

Our Crystal Ball Experience®, uses our "what-if" simulator to help you map out the milestones towards your biggest future



Your Family CFO Solutions

Freedom From to Freedom For

Customized, analysis-based strategies to help support an abundant financial future and your Desirement Year, with comprehensive guidance along the way



The Wealthcare Monitoring System

Automated Simplicity. Focus. Balance.

Together, we will track your financial process toward achieving the goals you've set for yourself to help create your bigger financial future


The Corporate 401k

At Epstein Financial Services, our philosophy is focused on financial fundamentals and attention to details to optimize the value of your corporate retirement program by delivering significant resources and focused solutions. We make it our mission to successfully create a retirement plan for the plan sponsor and their valued employees.

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Fiduciary Compliance & Assessment

ERISA Section 404(a) of the code is the fundamental principle that defines your responsibility as a plan sponsor. Epstein Financial has partnered with Fi360, whose mission statement is..."To promote a culture of fiduciary responsibility and improve the decision-making process of investment fiduciaries."

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Capital Market Updates

A well-constructed lineup of funds should provide an adequate degree of diversification within and among alternative asset classes. Our Capital Market Update is designed to address the vast majority of asset classes represented in a broad cross section of corporate retirement programs.

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Participant Education Process

As a 401(k) plan sponsor you are offering an essential benefit to your employees. A 401(k) retirement plan is more than a simple savings plan. It allows you and your participants to save a portion of your pre-tax income, paying taxes only upon withdrawal.

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Desirement Mortgage Calculator

This calculator is your first step toward securing your financial future. It will calculate two critical expenses. It will first calculate all of your retirement (desirement) expenses, and second, it will create your financial mechanism to cover these expenses long after your paycheck has stopped.

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Fiduciary Briefcase

Your resource where you will find all the documents we provide to help you reduce the fiduciary liability you face in managing your retirement plan.

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At Epstein Financial we know it is important to stay informed and keep ahead of the curve when it comes to making important financial decisions. To facilitate this, we issue a monthly newsletter depicting recent market trends and strategies for the success of your retirement program.

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