Creating a Paycheck for Life for Every Working American

What We Do

We create greater clarity, confidence and the capabilities for entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, 401k participants and retirees to maximize the power of their financial future. Our goal is to help you generate a "paycheck for life" to pay for all the things you desire to do and to live a fulfilling and engaged life.

Why We Do It

We are passionate about helping you be self-actualizing, imagining a bigger future for yourself and your family and redefining what retirement is for you.

How We Do It

We take you through an evolutionary process that clarifies your beliefs and myths about money, using exponential tools, coaching and technology that engages your thinking. The result, our clients experience greater success, satisfaction and significance in their lives.

Does The Current Bull Market Have Many Years Left?


Charlie joins Fox Business’s show "Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman" to tell her that the "secular bull market" still has legs!

Coffee & (K) Plans

Coffee and (k) Plans

Business in Booths Video Series

Business In Booths

Get a Paycheck for Life

Paychecks for Life

Paychecks for life

Decide where you want to go and let Charlie help you find your way financially.

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Improve Your 401k

Paychecks for Life

Save America, Save

Charlie shares with companies how they can expand value to working Americans.

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Family CFO

The Family CFO® Process

Every Company has Chief Financial Officer. We want to be your family's CFO.

The Family CFO® Process is an evolutionary system that provides clear, easy to understand solutions to help you achieve greater peace of mind, prosperity, and your life goals.

Learn how we can help you create financial independence with reduced financial anxiety.

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Corporate Retirement

Strategies for Corporate Retirement Plan Success

At Epstein Financial Services, our philosophy to focus on fundamentals and attention to detail will optimize the value of your corporate retirement program. By delivering significant resources with focused solutions, we make it our mission to create successful retirement plan experiences for both plan sponsors and their valued employees.

Learn more about our Family Retirement Planning