Charlie on stage during Yield of Dreams one man show.

You're invited to... Yield of Dreams The Live Show

For Dreamers & Do-ers...
Who refuse the status-quo in money, life & dreams

June 23rd - 25th, 2022
Holyoke Community College (HCC)
Leslie Phillips Theatre
Holyoke Mass

Tim Pellitier

"Yield of Dreams offers a humorously entertaining and educational viewpoint on our myths about money … A must see production."
- Tim Pellitier President, Ray Houle Construction Ludlow, Massachusetts

Bill Collins

"The Yield of Dreams show gives you an insight into Charlie’s life and struggles where you walk away feeling like he’s family. I can’t wait to come to the next showing."
- Bill Collins Owner, Center Square Grill, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Jeff Goodless

"I attended Charlie Epstein’s Yield of Dreams performance … I was so inspired. Thank you Charlie for opening my eyes to life’s true possibilities!"
- Jeff Goodless, Owner Goodless Electric Company, West Springfield, Massachusetts

"Like most males, when I was young, I figured everything would fall in place and let the good times roll. I mean we grew up with Ozzie and Harriet. When I hit 50, reality set in. I realized this gig ain’t going forever. Thank someone up above. Reconnecting with you to gave me and my family the confidence that would lead us in the right direction. When you finally convinced me to enter the "Desirement" state and I crept away from a 50 year career, I couldn't be happier. I can't even mouth the “R” word. All the best as you crusade to convince others you know the way."

- Lee Binnig

What Did you Want to be When you Grew Up?
What Happened to that Dream?

As adults there's the moment we all face when the weight of the world comes crashing down on our biggest, wildest dreams. You're not good enough. You don't have what it takes. You're going to make a fool out of yourself.

You can't do it because you have to go to work.

Sound familiar?

What Was Your Dream?

  • To build a hotrod with your dad one day
  • To retire young and healthy
  • To travel the country (or world) with loved ones
Charlie Epstein as a boy and as an actor

The Man, the Myth(buster), the Legend

Charlie Epstein

Entrepre-trainer & Entertain-eur

Charlie Epstein, a Financial Advisor known for coaching over 10,000 students as The 401k Coach was no different.

As a young man, he set aside his dream to continue on as a full-time (starving) actor and he rapidly built a successful financial services practice.

But his boyhood dream was to be an entertainer, a performer, an actor... never went away.

For most of his career, Charlie's dreams meant straddling two worlds -- business & art.

Helping Other DREAMERS Just Like You

He ran a successful business. but he also took time off to pursue his art on stage and on screen.

Through his journey, Charlie discovered the secret to reaching for the stars - do what you love and the money will follow.

Now he wants to help other DREAMERS, like YOU, ease pain and suffering about money that gets in the way of those childhood dreams.

He finally did it.

Portraits of Charlie Epstein
Charlie Epstein in Yield of Dreams One Man Show

Experience Combined

He took all his experience as an actor, combined with all his experience as a Financial Advisor, and he plowed under his cornfield.

Charlie brought these experiences together when he designed this one-man show, Yield of Dreams.

Props, animations, a red carpet, popcorn, yadda, yadda... NO corners were cut.

Now he's taking this financial entertaining experience on the road to share with audiences across the nation.

You're Invited

Join us at the next Yield of Dreams one-man show, LIVE at the Holyoke Community College Theatre, June 23rd-25th, 2022.

Special seating and tickets are available now!


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