Save America Save

A video series, direct from Charlie Epstein, based on his book; Save America, Save! Secrets to a Successful 401(k) Plan. Charlie talks about valuable strategies you can implement to improve your 401(k) retirement plan and your employees’ retirement savings outcome.

Auto to the 5th Power: Automatic Re-Enrollment

Today I’m covering another facet of Auto to the 5th Power, automatic re-enrollment. You have can actually re-enroll your employees into that Qualified Default Investment Option, or QDIA, to provide incredible protection for you as a plan sponsor and help your employees save money to create that paycheck for life.

Welcome back to my series based on my book “Save America Save”. Today I’m covering the third automatic feature in “Auto to the 5th Power,” automatic escalation. This is my all-time favorite automatic feature, and here’s why.

An Easier Way to Enroll Your Employees in a Retirement Plan

Today I’m going to be talking about something I like to call Auto to the 5th Power. This is a way that you can use technology to automate savings for your employees and make your life easier, especially if you’re an HR director trying to get people to enroll in their retirement plans.

How Can Your Employees Make the Most Out of Social Security?

How can your employees maximize the benefits of social security and use it to its full advantages?

How Can You Help Your Employees Save for Retirement?

First I’ll cover how much your employees, on average, will need to save to create their paycheck for life for retirement.

Your New 401K Resource

Picture this: you’re getting ready to go on a great vacation. You’re standing at the airport gate when all of a sudden, the agent comes on the intercom and says, “The captain would like me to announce that there is an 85% chance that this flight will not make it to your vacation destination on time and safely. Have a nice trip!”