Coffee and (k) Plans Video Series

Krista and Renee, our Retirement Plan Specialists, created this monthly breakfast series to help educate plan administrators and trustees on their key roles and responsibilities in managing the company-sponsored 401(k) plan. Our monthly morning sessions provide you insights and education that will help you run your 401(k) plan more efficiently while also having a little caffeine and fun! If you would like to be added to our invite list, please email Krista at

The CARES Act and What You Need to Know

On Friday, March 27th The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) was signed into law by the President. The bill provided financial aid for individuals and companies. The CARES Act also has provisions allowing access to retirement savings and suspension of required minimum distributions.

Krista and Renee invited Michelle Marsh, Owner of Retirement Plan Concepts and Services, to join them on a webinar version of Coffee and (k) Plans to talk about how this bill could benefit retirement plan participants.


Financial Wellness | Coffee & (K) Plans February Recap

Recent studies have shown that employees’ financial health, especially when they are stressed about finances, can impact work performance. With so many financial wellness tools available to employers, how do you know what is best for you and your employees?


Coffee & (K) Plans - HR, Payroll and Modernizing Work with Caitlin Bliss from Paylocity

Caitlin Bliss from Paylocity came to speak at Coffee and K plans and spoke about how your payroll company can do more than you may be utilizing. How can you leverage your resources as HR and payroll to make your job easier and your business more modern?


Coffee & (K) Plans - Employee Motivation, Health Insurance & Mass PFML Law

We invited in guest speakers; Gina DiStefano, owner of DiStefano Group and Pete Miller, owner of Millbrook Benefits & Insurance Services to talk about employee motivation, health insurance and even some about the new Massachusetts PFML law.


Coffee & (K) Plans - Common Management Errors with Jennifer Deffenbaugh

We sat down with Jennifer Deffenbaugh, a Senior ERISA Consultant with a national Third-Party Administrator firm, to discuss the most common errors happening in management of a 401(k) plan that you must be aware of in case of a plan audit.


Coffee & (K) Plans - Target Date Fund Crash Course with Matt Giovinazzo

Instead of a live session, July’s Coffee & (K) Plans is a video interview of Matt Giovinazzo, an expert in Target Date Funds. Hear about the evolution of target date funds and why they have become such a popular choice for participants. Beware! Not all target date fund series are not “one size fits all”. Do you have the right tdf series in your plan?

How much does your plan really cost?

Krista and Renee talk about the true cost of a 401(k) plan in this post-Coffee & (k) Plans wrap up.

The “F” Word…Fiduciary

Krista talks about all things fiduciary in this summary of May’s Coffee & (K) Plans.

“Who’s Who and What’s What in 401(k) Plans”

A recap of our first Coffee & (k) Plans session that was a broad overview touching on key roles and responsibilities for those involved in managing their company's 401(k) plan.