Business in Booths

Check out Charlie's newest venture! In Business in Booths®, Charlie interviews local business owners and community leaders with a stylishness that will keep you entertained - right in the booth at Center Square Grill.

Business in Booths - Death, Law Enforcement & Bicycles with Bob Charland

In 2017, after being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, Bob "The Bike Guy" Charland decided that he wanted to create a formal organization and start donating bikes to inner city youth and less fortunate kids. His story is inspiring and his determination has helped donate more than 1,200 bikes. Listen below to learn more about this amazing movement.




Business in Booths - Dishes, Wines & Hospitality with Bill Collins

Charlie sits down with Bill Collins, Owner of Center Square Grill in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts to discuss Bill's success in the restaurant business as well as his personal journey through life.




Business in Booths - Legal, Lending & Irish Limericks with Frank Fitzgerald

Frank Fitzgerald is a well-known and successful Attorney/Entrepreneur in Western Massachusetts. Charlie finds out what Frank is up to these days and even gets a little taste of Irish music.